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  1. Our reporter saved a bundle just by switching to a smaller carrier. So can you.
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See store associate for complete details. Sales tax not included and is collected in accordance with state and local laws. Certain restrictions apply. Offer available while supplies last. No rain checks. Not all phones or features available on all service plans. Coverage and services not available everywhere. Rates, services, coverage, and features subject to change.

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  • The Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans You've Never Heard Of.

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Our reporter saved a bundle just by switching to a smaller carrier. So can you.

See store or metrobyt-mobile. All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks, service marks, and other intellectual property are the properties of their respective owners. That's when I started searching out deals at other providers. A coworker—a big Android booster—pointed me toward Project Fi, a cell-phone service now known as Google Fi. Even better, my bill each month was clear as water—no hidden fees or surprise charges. After a year with Google Fi, I was curious to see whether I could pay even less—particularly for data.

With the tips below, you can easily shave hundreds of dollars a year off your bill, keep the same cell-phone number, and do it all in the time it takes to watch a baseball game. In a survey , customers of Consumer Cellular, Google Fi, and Ting gave those companies high praise—including top marks for customer service—earning them the top three spots in our cell service provider ratings.

There are, of course, downsides. And while many small providers allow you to purchase a new phone with monthly installments, not all do, so be prepared to pay for one in full up front. What Phone Will You Use? Note: This won't work for Verizon iPhones. Carriers will have a form on their website where you enter your IMEI, and the carrier will then check to see whether your phone is compatible. You can call your current carrier to find out whether your phone is locked or not, and if it is locked, how to unlock it.

By law, every carrier must unlock your phone once your contract has expired.

The same goes for buying a new phone. Make sure you buy an unlocked model not tied to a specific carrier, freeing you up to shift from carrier to carrier with ease. As I mentioned earlier, some MVNOs will let you pay by the month for a new phone, but check the fine print and do the math. Unlike the big four carriers, they may charge interest.

This is by far the biggest factor in determining which plan to choose and how much you pay. Both options break the data totals down by app, too, helping you identify the data hogs social networking and streaming apps are usually the main culprits. To keep costs down, turn off the cellular data for apps you rarely use, and download podcasts and playlists to your phone instead of streaming them.

Both provide fine-grained analysis, which comes in handy for tasks such as finding out which MVNOs provide good service where you live and work. If you want to keep your phone number, make sure your new provider allows you to port it over most do, but there are a few exceptions. And before making the final call, look for introductory offers.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

MVNOs are always eager for new customers, so make them win you over with a great deal. And because most small providers offer month-to-month payment options, you can continually bounce from one to the next, taking advantage of offers as they pop up. The card—about the size of a fingernail—must be installed on your phone in place of the one from your old carrier. This is how you tether the device to the new network. You insert it in the pinhole-sized opening on the side of the phone, give it a firm push, and the tray will pop out. Some carriers allow you to do this online, and others require a phone call.

Before reaching out, be sure to have:. Look for the or digit number printed prominently on the card and its packaging. It can take up to 24 hours for your phone number to be ported, but it often goes more quickly.


Cell Phone Plan & Service Deals

These networks span both types of cellular technologies used in the U. This approach can save usage-conscious customers a lot of money compared to an unlimited everything plan from a Big Four cell phone company. You can also always add minutes, texts or data onto your account, should your needs change. It allows you to stay in touch via voice calls and text without paying extra for data service you don't want. The talk-and-text plan, which offers unlimited minutes and texts but no data access, is the cheapest option.

So, for example, a family of four could add two lines of Unlimited Extra, a line with 5GB of high-speed data and a talk-and-text line. Cricket is generally a good value, with prices on a par with those of other carrier-owned prepaid services and much lower than the prices of similar plans on its parent network. The carrier often features new-customer promotions, such as discounted or free smartphones when you switch from another carrier.

The Unlimited plan caps download speeds at 3 Mbps, while all other plans cap download speeds at 8 Mbps, up to the data allotment.

The Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans You've Never Heard Of

But overall, Cricket is one of the best choices for plans with little or no data access. Our goal is to help you find the best cell phone plan for the least amount of money. We spoke with Doug King from RootMetrics and representatives from three of the Big Four mobile networks, including Allan Samson, the senior vice president of customer acquisition for Sprint.

We started with a list of 45 companies and quickly narrowed it to 15 services based on the availability of unlimited data plans. We performed in-depth research into these 15 companies, judging their networks, plans and extras. Price is also an important factor. We compared plan prices for individuals and families and considered what you get for that price, noting things like high-speed data threshold and hotspot allowance. Finally, we looked at smaller things like the selection of phones you can buy from the provider, whether it lets you add a tablet or wearable to your plan, and how many lines you can add on a single plan.

Here are some key considerations to make to help you choose the right cell phone provider for your individual needs Cell phone plan prices vary depending on the amount of data and number of lines you add. In many cases, however, family unlimited plans are a better value, as many carriers offer discounts for multiple lines.

Cellular are the only providers that operate their own networks. These excluding U. Cellular, which is a regional provider are known as the Big Four. All other cell phone providers in the U. Big Four companies are more expensive but usually include more features and extras in their plans.

T-Mobile Best Unlimited Plan 2019

MVNOs tend to be prepaid services that cater to budget shoppers, offering cheaper plans and device options than the Big Four. Big Four direct customers get priority when networks are congested, whereas MVNO customers may see slower speeds. Though Verizon Wireless has the best-performing network across the U. When you shop for a new plan, you should first check which carriers perform well in your area. The competition between cell phone providers is fierce, and services are constantly changing their plans and prices in attempts to one up each other — something comparison shoppers can take advantage of.

Every year, more people get smartphones, smartphones get smarter and, no surprise, we use more data. In , Ericsson published its annual Mobility Report , which found that North Americans use an average of 5. Some use much more, but most people only need about 3 to 5 gigabytes, accounting for Wi-Fi use. If you have a family plan, do this for everyone on the account, as some plans count your data in aggregate, while others count data per phone line.

If you use less than 5GB per line on average, you can probably find a better deal that fits your needs. If you often use your data plan to stream content, especially at high resolutions, you probably need an unlimited plan, as streaming applications are notorious data hogs. You can also turn off Wi-Fi assist for iPhones and background data usage for Android, use free public Wi-Fi and disable video autoplay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Usually, you can keep your own phone even if you switch carriers, as most cell phone companies allow you to bring your own device to a new plan. There are a few things that could impede this, however, including carrier-locked devices and different cellular technologies.

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Some carrier-purchased smartphones have a software lock in place that prevents them from working with any other carrier. Factory unlocked phones do not have this problem, nor do many phones from Verizon. Your phone may have a lock if it was purchased through your carrier or if you chose a specific carrier when purchasing your phone from the manufacturer. To unlock your phone to use with a different carrier, you may need to wait a set amount of time after buying your cell or pay off the phone in full. After unlocking your phone, make sure your device is compatible with the network you want to switch to.